E.A.K. Ramen aka Machida Shoten in Japan, started back in 2008 in Machida City, Japan.
This was our first shop to fulfill our goal to spread the IEKEI style of ramen to the world. Our purpose was to be a shop that is loved by everyone, but especially locals. We wanted to provide the best possible ramen, service and atmosphere to our neighbors. With this in mind, we started our mission to spread IEKEI to the world.
(Photo of original shop in Japan or some major shops)

Currently, we operate throughout Japan, Asia and parts of Europe.
After capturing a major part of Japan, we decided the time was right to cross over the Pacific and enter the US market. Up until now, the US has been introduced to a limited amount of ramen styles. Some stores did try to recreate the IEKEI style, but since it is so distinct, fell short. We felt that this did not do IEKEI justice and needed to be properly represented.

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Iekei (pronounced E-A-K) is a style of ramen that originated from Yokohama Japan.
               It is a perfect balance of the popular Tonkotsu style of Kyushu in the West, and Shoyu style from Tokyo in the East.<br>
               What makes our ramen distinct is that we use thick straight noodles to compliment the savory broth.
               Our EAK style is a modern take on the original iekei style.
               We’re delighted to bring this style of ramen to you. Don’t be afraid to go nuts on this bowl of ramen and slurp.

OUR philosophy

Spreading IEKEI to the world. What is IEKEI

IEKEI is a style of ramen that is a marriage between Tonkotsu style from the West (Kyushu) and Shoyu style from the East (Tokyo). It is very distinct, having thick broth which is a mixture of chicken and pork, topping of spinach instead of green onions; with chashu, a large piece of nori, aji-tama egg, and the noodles are thick, bold and straight.

Ramen is known as the soul food of Japan. By nature, Japan is a country that puts much emphasis on details and perfection on any particular craft. Ramen being one of them. From the attention to detail and perfection comes the reward of delicious ramen. There are many styles of Ramen in Japan. The difference in style mainly come from geographic and climate variations. They tend to customize their ramen based on 3 factors: Broth, Noodle and Tare.

Broth as you may know, is the front and center of a ramen bowl. It is the main character of the show. The broth is mainly made by pork, chicken, seafood, or vegetables. This will decide the overall direction of the type of ramen.

Noodle gives the ramen some style. Depending on the region and the style of ramen, the noodles can be anywhere from thin to thick and from straight to curly.

Tare is an ingredient that some may not be familiar with. It is a concentrated sauce of many different recipes and this is actually the backbone of the ramen. It gives it all the distinct flavors. It is the lifeline of the type of ramen, and it is what makes the difference between shops that carry the same type of ramen. Many shops can have Tonkotsu ramen, but depending on the tare, each store will be different. That is why some tores are better tasting than others. The recipe to this is considered a trade secret and it is usually only known by the main chefs or select few.

E.A.K. Ramen was born from our philosophy of wanting to spread IEKEI style of ramen to the world. In Japan, we are known as Machida Shoten as well as many other names within the IEKEI style of ramen world. We have direct outlets as well as franchises that cover a large part of Japan that add up to roughly 400 stores. Internationally, we have presences in Singapore, Taiwan, Philippines, Italy, China, and Thailand.

However, after capturing a major portion of the Japanese IEKEI market,we decided that it was about time to cross the ocean and make our mark in the US market. Up until now, the US has been introduced to a limited amount of ramen styles and some stores did try to make an IEKEI style but fell short. We saw an opportunity to spread the wonderful IEKEI style of Ramen and branded our style as E-A-K for the phonetic pronunciation of IEKEI style.

Our broth use only natural chicken and pork bones and we take 18 hours of love and care to prep, boil, cook, stir, and perfect the broth. Our noodles are custom made for us using our own distinct formula that no one else uses. It is thick, bold and straight. Our tare recipe is known only by the owner himself, and is a close kept secret to keep our flavor from changing.

Spread the love, Spread IEKEI.